Record number of participants, from 13 countries!

There’s been an enormous interest in Marked for Musikk and YAMsession 2021! But maybe that’s not so strange when two important events join forces to become one? It’s also really exciting for us that we’ll be launching the brand new competency programme for musicians “Fagdøgn for musikere” this year, a Norwegian programme that aims to give valuable tools to musicians who wish to play for young audiences.

200 participants and 80 artists

During 3 days over 200 participants and 80 artists will be taking part in this year’s event. All counties in Norway are represented, and we’re expecting bookers, producers and artists from 13 different countries in Europe, among them France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

Although Farris Bad Hotel is fully booked and some participants have even chosen to book rooms elsewhere, we hope to give everyone a feeling of space during the event. We’ve all been through a strange time and understand that not everyone is comfortable with too much closeness yet. This is something we’ve given a lot of thought when planning the event and encourage everyone to show consideration when standing in queues or waiting in lobby areas.

But now we’re just really looking forward to welcoming Norwegian and overseas participants next week and to give Zoom and Teams a well-deserved break. It’s soon time to dedicate three days to live concerts for young audiences and enjoy good conversations between colleagues, whether we’re artists, producers, bookers or teachers.


Be sure to check out the programme here

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