Practical Information 2024

Marked for Musikk is an annual event, and in 2024 it takes place in week 38 in Bodø, Norway.

The main event takes place at several venues:

Day pass prices:

Delegates 17/9 NOK 1350
Delegates 18/9 NOK 1350
Delegates 19/9 NOK 1000

Students 17/9 NOK 550
Students 18/9 NOK 550
Students 19/9 NOK 350

Promotion Codes
Member of Norwegian Cultural Organizers and Norwegian Cultural Centers 17/9 NOK 1000
Member of Norwegian Cultural Organizers and Norwegian Cultural Centers 18/9 NOK 1000
Member of Norwegian Cultural Organizers and Norwegian Cultural Centers 19/9 NOK 650

If you have a role in the Strategic Council, Program Council, or have been invited as a Guest, please check the box that applies to you. If you are a cultural and/or municipality contact in Vestfold or Nordland County Municipality, please also check here.

When you purchase a day pass/or festival pass, it includes coffee/tea/snacks/lunch and access to the program for Market for Music and YAMsession, Bodø 2024.

Dinners require registration, and it is binding and will be invoiced for. Monday and Tuesday exclude drinks; Wednesday includes one unit.

In addition to the fixed program, there are several optional program items. If you want to join a «Walk and talk» to Keiservarden on Monday, September 16th, please let us know now so that we know how many buses to book.

Important clarification: everyone must book and pay for accommodation themselves this year. You will find a link in the registration form where you can book directly – we recommend booking at the same time as you register to ensure a room in an active cultural capital. Note that the registration form is in norwegian. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to welcoming you and showcasing high-quality concerts in Arctic surroundi

We use Smart Hotel as our main hotel and can offer special rates. To book at the negotiated rate, see links and contact information here.

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact us. 


Travels to Bodø 

Bodø has a dense city centre, and the airport, hotel and venues are closely located. Here you can see a map over important places:


Traveling to Bodø by plane

If you plan to travel to Bodø by plane, there are several daily departures to Bodø airport, but make sure to book your flight as soon as you have signed up.

When you arrive at the airport, you can get to Smarthotel Bodø by bus or taxi. If the weather is nice and you are traveling light, it’s also possible to walk to the hotel from the airport in approximately 30 minutes.


Traveling to Bodø by train or boat

Bodø is the last stop on the railway in Norway, and you will reach Smarthotel in two minutes by foot. The same goes if you are arriving with Hurtigruten.



Alternative 1: 07500 or the app Taxifix

Alternative 2: 08000 or the app Norgestaxi