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About Marked for Musikk
Marked for Musikk is an annual showcase event where professional artists present concerts aimed at a young audience from 0 to 18 years. The event’s target audience consists of bookers and producers for festivals, concert halls and venues of all types and sizes, as well as The Cultural Schoolbag (school concerts).

  • The event is set in the coastal town of Larvik (120 km southwest of Oslo).
  • It takes place over three days in October every year.
  • Approximately 100 artists divided between 28 acts participated in 2018. Most in the main programme, but some in a smaller showcase we call “Spot on!” (a stage for artists with new concert ideas and/or up and coming artists).
  • There are no genre boundaries.
  • 2020 will host YAMsession.
  • A growing event that attracts participants from all over Norway. Approx. 145 delegates participated in 2018.
  • Pupils from local schools and kinder gardens are present during most concerts and play an important role in creating a realistic setting for the musicians.
  • The event is a collaboration between Vestfold County Council and Larvik Municipality.
  • The event is supported by Kulturtanken/Arts for Young Audiences Norway.

Generally, each day focuses on defined age groups:
Day 1 – 0-12 years
Day 2 – 6-12 years
Day 3 – 13-18 years

The Programme Committee and Advisory Committee
The event organisers work with a Programme Committee, whose role it is to discuss and advise on the musical content of the event. In addition there is an Advisory Committee, whose role it is to look at the bigger picture (relevance to the participants and the market, quality and development of the event, guest speakers etc.). Members of both committees represent the event’s target audiences (festivals, concert halls/venues, The Cultural Rucksack/Concerts Norway and professional artists).


Practical Information
Larvik is a 20 minute drive from Sandefjord Torp Airport, there is a ferry connection between Hirtshals (Denmark) and Larvik, and there is a train to Larvik direct from Oslo Gardermoen Airport (2,5 hours).

  • Marked for Musikk does not pay a fee, but does reimburse agreed travel expenses, as well as provide accommodation and meals during the event. In addition, Marked for Musikk will provide necessary technical equipment and sound/lighting crew.
  • There is no deadline for applying to take part in Marked for Musikk. If we believe a concert fits the bill, we will try to find a slot in the event. If the current year’s event is full, we will make a new attempt the following year. We do, however, aim to have most slots filled by early summer.
  • If you are in the main programme, you will be given up to 30 minutes to showcase your concert. If you are appearing on our Spot on! stage you will be give 10-15 minutes to showcase the concert and a 5 minutes after-talk with a presenter.
  • The programme allows for parallel showcases, which means that some participants may choose to leave one concert to catch a glimpse of another, while others may arrive midway. Delegates are reminded to do so discretely.
  • There is no application form. We advise interested musicians to send us information about the following:
  1. The concert itself, such as the story line (if relevant), the musicians and what part they play in the concert, etc. (max 200 words).
  2. The target audience (age group).
  3. What kind of tour(s) you are hoping to get (school concerts, festivals, concert halls and/or other venues*).
  4. Technical requirements.
  5. Travel requirements to Larvik and Marked for Musikk – who will be travelling, how you will be travelling and from where?
  6. We will require video footage (preferably from the proposed concert from start to finish).

*Included in “other venues” are libraries, of which there are a growing number in Norway who wish to show intimate concerts for young children.

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For questions, contact:
Linda Gjersøe Helseth
+47 91 34 57 33

Surveys carried out after Marked for Musikk 2018 show that 95% of participating artists who responded would recommend fellow artists to participate.