Children and Young People

Marked for Musikk (MFM) values the input of children and young people highly and actively involves the young audience to whom the event ultimately is meant to gain.

Children from local schools and kinder gardens are present during most concerts and play an important role in creating an authentic setting for the musicians.

Pupils from a local Secondary School assist during the event. The pupils concerned have all chosen the optional school subject Sal og Scene – a subject that focuses on the “goings on” behind and on the stage. Their responsibilities during the event include assisting in rigging for the various concerts, providing information if delegates have questions, the introduction of concerts and generally being welcoming hosts. They attend a course in preparation of the event. MFM is dependent on a dedicated crew that works well behind the scenes in order for the event to be a success. Our goal is to give these young people a good experience in a professional setting and hope that it can tempt several into a cultural vocation later in life.

In 2015 we established a collaboration with Norsk Scenekunstbruk and their project “Young Voices” (“Unge stemmer”). A team of pupils from a local secondary school work in teams and write critiques of selected concerts in a blog during the event. The pupils have a short introductory course in how to write an arts critique prior to YAM Session. The blog can be read on

The Music Antennas
In 2015 we also tried a new concept we called “The Music Antennas”, which consisted of the possibility of adult participants borrowing young audience members to watch concerts together. The purpose was to give the adult participants the opportunity to get direct feedback from a young person’s perspective. This project will be continued this year and we will be collaborating with two local schools and pupils from the 5th grade (ages 9-10) and 9th-10th grades (ages 13-15 years old).