DUOLOGIE (Frankrike)

Open your eyes: it might be that the most important encounter of your life is right on this very street corner! Behind his bad boy image, Laurent is a virtuoso harmonica player; Emilie a brilliant and hardworking flautist. All they have in common is the area of pavement on which they busk. At first mistrustful, they size each other up, challenge each other, then seek each other out from one concert to the next, from New York to Delhi, until finally becoming inseparable. Mastering the blue note of one, and the flights of lyricism of the other, a duo is born in front of Our eyes, in a moving journey which takes them from the street to the red velvet of the grandest concert halls.

Duologie is a pocket-sized musical, a small silent film full of melodies, from Bach’s Menuet to Coltrane’s Naïma, from Django Reinhardt to tailor-made compositions. It is also a true story told with the tips of their fingers, that goes straight to the heart.

Laurent Maur
Emilie Calme

Produsent: Jeunesses Musicales France
Målgruppe: 6-12 år
Varighet: ca. 45 min
Opprigg: 120-160 min (depends if lights already prepared before we arrive)
Nedrigg: 20 min
Blending: Helst
Annet: We need a bench, or cube, or something we can sit on approx. height around 40/45 cm and length around 120 cm preference for black or we can cover it with black tissue

Laurent Maur
+33 (0) 668 281 022
Nettside: www.duologie.com